Your existing Approved Contractors, our Management.

Your Existing Relationships.

What about our Repairs and Maintenance?

We know that you value your existing relationships with Approved Contractors, thats why we continue to use them!
We replicate every aspect of how you currently handle your repairs and maintenance processes. We’ll happily use your software, systems and your work methodologies.

Service Adaptation

All of our offered services are tailored to you and your individual needs as a Letting Agent.

24/7 Assistance

Tenant Maintenance calls are answered and dealt with 24 hours a day.

Simple & Accessible

In a rush or cant talk? Submit your requests via a simple web enquiry form.

Requirement Confirmation

All repair requests are authorised directly with you, so no unexpected headaches.

Job Prioritisation

We ensure that all job requests are prioritised correctly and dealt with effectively.

Fully Managed

We liaise directly with the landlord to gain authorisation of jobs directly.

Your Relationships

Using your approved Contractors gives no breakdown in relationships with your existing teams.

Tenant Contact

We act as the middleman for all discussions between tenant and contractor, for complete fulfilment of works.